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Workforce Development Instructor

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Faith Based E&T Recruitment Program - Part Time - Open Job Description

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Instructor will facilitate workshops on career development to adjudicated and high risk adolescents, developing internships and entry level position opportunities with community members/public, private and non-profit sectors for job placement. Workshops will be held at facilities including but not limited to state youth residential centers, schools and community centers.


Direct Service to Clients:

1. Create a career development/job placement aftercare program for adjudicated adolescents.

2. Counsel and guide adolescents to becoming successful in their future endeavors, including job placement, and fulfilling education requirements.

3. Determine appropriate goals and objectives.

4. Assist in completion of writing appropriate job search correspondence including resume, and cover letters.

5. Interview appropriate candidates by going onsite to the bwsclc facilities for the recruitment process in entering the Faith Based bwsclc workforce program.

6. Conduct mock interviews and coach on appropriate business etiquette.

7. Develop jobs and/or vocational training opportunities.

8. Complete reports and outcomes from approved grants funding the program.

9. Prepare participants for the entire job search and interview process.

10. Remain in touch with employers on participant's work ethics and evaluations.

11. Work as a career coach in counseling participants on succeeding in the workplace.

12. Provide consistent support and follow up to program participants.

13. Evaluate program participants' achievement of goals.

14. Participate in additional assignments when needed.

15. Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to cultural diversity.

16. Create awareness of other services offered by the Agency for the program participants.

17. Perform other duties as assigned Community Partnerships and Capacity Building: 18. Develop relationships with local businesses for establishing employment for adolescents.

19. Identify speakers on career interests.

20. Follow-up with employer/employee to promote job retention.

21. Represent bwsclc in the community and related agencies in a positive manner.

Supervisory responsibilities:

A.Access to confidential information: Yes

B. Employee Interaction: Works with agency staff, volunteers, other providers and professionals

C. Physical demands: Standing, walking, sitting, picking up and carrying boxes of materials.

D. Working conditions: Church, general office; must be flexible in work schedule, including evenings.


1. Minimum BS degree in career counseling, or Human Resources or equivalent training or experience in job placement, job development and/or career services.

2. Ability to be culturally sensitive.

3. Attention to detail skills, with appropriate follow up skills.

4. Ability to organize and adapt to crises.

5. Strong oral and written communication skills.

6. Ability to work creatively and think outside of the box for effective teaching.

7. Ability to function as part of a staff team.

8. Ability to be flexible and adaptable to new changes in the program

9. Specific experience with population served Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long as they can perform essential functions of the job after reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations. If the accommodation cannot be made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

Performance Criteria:

1. Quantity of Work: meets productivity standard, completes work in a timely manner and maintains written records, strives to increase productivity, works quickly, achieves established goals.

2. Quality of Work: demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness, displays commitment to excellence, looks for ways to improve and promote quality, applies feedback to improve performance, monitors own work to ensure quality.

3. Job Knowledge: competent in required job skills and knowledge, exhibits ability to learn and apply new skills, keeps abreast of current developments, requires minimal supervision, displays understanding of how a job relates to others, uses resources effectively.

4. Problem Solving: Identifies problems in a timely manner, gathers and analyzes information skillfully, develops alternative solutions, resolves problems in early stages, works well in group.

5. problem solving situations.

6. Communications: Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally, expresses ideas and thoughts in written form, exhibits good listening and comprehension, keeps others adequately informed, selects and uses appropriate communication methods.

7. Initiative: Volunteers readily, undertakes self-development activities, seeks increased responsibilities, takes independent actions and calculated risks, looks for and takes advantage of opportunities, asks for help when needed.

8. Adaptability: Adapts to changes in the work environment, manages competing demands, accepts criticism and feedback, changes approach or method to best fit the situation.

9. Planning & Organization: Prioritizes and plans work activities, uses time efficiently, plans for additional resources, integrates changes smoothly, sets goals and objectives, works in an organized manner.

10. Cooperation: Establishes and maintains effective relations, exhibits tact and consideration, displays positive outlook and pleasant manner, offers assistance and support to co-workers, works cooperatively in group situations, works actively to resolve conflicts.

11. Judgment: Displays willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound and accurate judgment, supports and explains reasoning for decisions, includes appropriate people in decision-making process, makes timely decisions.

12. Dependability: Responds to requests for service and assistance, follows instructions, responds to management direction, takes responsibility for own actions, commits to doing the best job possible, keeps commitments, meets attendance and punctuality guidelines.

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